October 15, 2018

Heart Foundation - MyMarathon

Ally, aged 43, had been feeling a little exhausted lately. She was so caught up with work and the kids and running a home, that she had put herself on the back burner. Soon she was getting almost no exercise at all. Along the way, she picked up smoking as a means to relieve the stress when the pressure got too much to handle. She had gone to the doctor just to calm the niggling at the back of her...


October 03, 2018

Work-Life Balance

It’s a busy world we live in. Our deadlines at work were for yesterday, and our devices keep us connected 24/7.  There have never been more demands on our time, nor have we ever been so short on it. Finding the right balance between our conflicting work and personal demands is like trying to sell your house, challenging, but oh so rewarding.

When it comes to selling, we always say make sure to get the small things right; complete...


September 27, 2018

I Love Canberra

With lakes, parklands and bushwalks galore, Canberra is one of the few planned cities in the world that complements the natural landscape around it.  The only major city away from the coast, our Bush Capital has so much to offer that we don’t really need a weekend getaway; we have so much to see and do on our doorstep.

We can enjoy world-class restaurants that offer gastronomic experiences in a beautiful mix of urban and rural flavours.  We have historical buildings, renowned museums...


September 25, 2018

Spring in Beautiful Canberra

Canberra is home to some of Australia’s most stunning scenic spaces.  During spring, the rich flora and fauna and abundance of family festivals make it easy to understand why our city is becoming one of the nation’s hottest destinations.  Here are just some of the places and events that will make this spring one to remember.


It’s often said, “you can’t visit Canberra in spring, without visiting Floriade.” The annual flower festival is one of the most...


August 29, 2018

An Ultra-Luxury Home – 15 Abbey Rd Goulburn

The most important thing when buying or selling a luxury and ultra-luxury home is to understand its value.  Not just the price but the value. Its importance cannot be emphasised enough.  Buyers need to understand the value of the home they are about to purchase while sellers need to ascertain the value before deciding or settling on a reasonable price or price range for the property being put out for sale. 

Remember that each property is unique with a myriad of factors...


August 15, 2018

The Importance of Staging/Styling

Most of the home buying today happens over the web. Home-hunters typically start their search online and shortlist options before they physically visit the properties. Scrolling through photographs trying to select a place to call home can be a tiring process which is why most potential homeowners may disconnect immediately after viewing a not so-show-worthy image of a home. Hence, it is very important for the homeowner to create a great first impression by making their home stand out compared...


August 28, 2017

Home Styling: The Art of Presentation

WebRes29063298.jpgHome styling is the art of making your home look so attractive that buyers can’t wait to make you an offer. And the better your home looks, the higher that offer will likely be – home styling can give you a competitive selling edge.

But home styling is more than just cleaning the bathroom and taking the cat round to mums. Here are some styling tips that can take your home to a...


May 24, 2017

Get Smart about Tax Depreciation

Claiming depreciation is a significant taxation benefit and one which many investment property owners are unaware of. Depreciation is a non-cash deduction – you do not need to spend any money to claim it.

What is property depreciation?

As a building gets older and items within it wear out, they depreciate in value. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows property investors to claim a rental & investment property depreciation deduction related to the building and plant and equipment items contained...


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