Just when we thought that everything was getting closer to returning to normal, the nation was hit with a second COVID wave resulting in border closures and an entire State being shut down for a second time.

Whether we agree or disagree with the decisions that are being made on our behalf, we have entered challenging times, especially for those who do not like change, which is many of us.

With no clear end in sight, and with changes occurring almost daily, it can be difficult to adjust to this ‘new normal’ that is having underlying effects on even the strongest of people, although we in Canberra have been pretty fortunate in comparison to other States/Territory.

If you are not feeling your normal self, here are 10 tips to help you adjust:

1.     Be accepting of the situation because you cannot change it in this current moment.

2.     Stop, think, respond instead of reacting.

3.     Give yourself time to process new information.

4.     Be kind and understanding to what you are feeling as well as to others.

5.     Give yourself time to adapt to change

6.     Be flexible and open to relinquishing control over the situation until there is a better way or solution.

7.     Go easy on yourself in managing your expectations with family, friends, work commitments, colleagues, and other people in general.

8.     Focus on what you can do, rather than on what you cannot.  It is okay to change your focus and direction at the moment.

9.     Set new routines that work for you and do not impose so much pressure upon yourself.

10.   Try practising mindfulness. Be in the moment and focus on what you can achieve today.

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