Feng Shui Is The Way

Of increasing importance to homeowners is the feel and energy of a home…barely a weekend of inspections passes us now where we are not asked about the Feng Shui of a property.  An ancient Chinese mystical art, Feng Shui (pronounced ‘Fung Shuay’) incorporates the placement of Feng Shui elements to promote positive energy, channel out negative energy and create balance and good fortune in a home. Feng Shui creates positive ‘Chi’ (positive energy flow) and can bring you good luck, good health, positive vibes, and increased wealth!

It is well worth considering incorporating aspects of Feng Shui to improve how your home functions, feels and presents to prospective buyers.

The front door: This is the main entrance of your home for positive Chi, so it should be well lit and welcoming. Keeping the door open lets in light and encourages energy to flow in the house. Chinese tradition suggests placing a red accent near your door, as red attracts fortune, energy and good luck. You should also try to avoid direct alignment between the front and back doors of your home…when this occurs the positive Feng Shui energy flows in through the front and straight out the back your front and back doors align, consider a screen or indoor planting to move the path of the energy.

The living room: Your living room is where you relax and spend time with your family and friends and the room should reflect that as calm space. The starting point is to get rid of any clutter, don’t just hide it, throw it out. If there is clutter anywhere in your house, it will clutter your mind and life as well. Next, ensure you have enough lights in your living area or windows to let in natural sunlight and a breeze. Avoid having too much furniture in the living room also and place your couch in a commanding position so that, when sitting, you can immediately see who is about to enter the living room. 

The bedroom: A good Feng Shui bedroom is one that promotes a harmonious flow of vibrant and sensual energy. After the living room, we spend most of our time in the bedroom, resting and sleeping. Your bedroom should be as far away from the front door as possible and your bed should be placed near the corner that is diagonal across the bedroom door (never directly across from the door as that also stops positive Chi from spreading across the room). Place mirrors in a corner where they catch and spread natural light and reflects positive objects and not negative objects like clutter or a bathroom.

The kitchen: This is the place which deals with the element of fire and represents wealth. The stove in your kitchen should be as far away from the sink as possible so that you don’t let the wealth go ‘down the drain’, so to speak. The kitchen should not be visible from the front or main door of your house, and it should not face a bathroom or toilet. Place plants between hot and cold appliances in the kitchen, to maintain a balance of energy and help navigate Chi.

Remember that Feng Shui is often about the path of energy; preventing it from flowing in and directly out of the home. You want simple solutions, that suit your lifestyle and match the aesthetics of your home, to interrupt the energy flow, redirecting or slowing it down. 

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