Home Styling: The Art of Presentation

WebRes29063298.jpgHome styling is the art of making your home look so attractive that buyers can’t wait to make you an offer. And the better your home looks, the higher that offer will likely be – home styling can give you a competitive selling edge.

But home styling is more than just cleaning the bathroom and taking the cat round to mums. Here are some styling tips that can take your home to a new level of attractiveness.

WebRes29063400.jpgThe allure of fluffy white towels!

We all have a favourite colour, but when you’re styling your home you can’t go wrong with white. It says freshness and purity – and it’s neutral. Borrow or buy white towels for the bathroom and try to do the same for the bed linen. Avoid polarising colours or bold prints. Think of white as a blank screen on which buyers can project their own visions.

WebRes29063347.jpgDeclutter, but don’t overdo it

A basic rule of home styling is to get rid of clutter. But you can overdo it. Sure, people don’t want to see magazines lying on the bathroom floor, or benchtops covered with the kids’ homework. But they expect to see a place that looks lived in, not a museum. Having magazines on the coffee table, ornaments and house plants is fine. Here are some more tips for home styling, including neutralising colours and decluttering.

If you can’t create, imitate!

Interior design magazines pay a lot of money to stylists to make those beautiful homes look just-so. If you’re finding it hard to choose a theme for your home styling, why not take a leaf out of their book – literally. Find a room image you like and borrow, rent or buy the furniture and furnishings to imitate that look.

Home styling to match your budget

Styling doesn’t have to be expensive. It could be a simple repositioning of furniture to make a room look bigger, or putting a rug in the bedroom. These are simple, cost-effective ways to improve your property. After all, UK online property portal Rightmove claims styled homes sell for 8% more than non-styled ones.

Keep in mind that home styling is not a renovation. No one is going to suggest you retile the bathroom unless that’s within your budget. And if you do need furniture, don’t head down to the retail warehouse. There are businesses that will rent furniture out until your property is sold. Check out these tips on styling on a budget.

Casting a critical eye over your home

If you want to take your styling to the next level, you can hire a professional styler. Casting a critical eye over your home is what professional home stylers do best.

Combined with good taste and local knowledge, their input can help turn your home around faster and get a better price. If you decide to home style when you sell your home, Maria Selleck Properties would be happy to put their experience at your service. 

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