Some are saying that the world has finally gone crazy, while others are saying that this is a time for opportunities.

However, the reality is, if we are going to survive these tough and crazy times, we need to all come together and stay positive, which can be hard to do.

The entire world has been impacted (on some level) with the outbreak of COVID-19, Internet outages, random ongoing computer and tech issues, stock market crashes, violence and riots, just to name a few.

We are all currently undergoing some of the most challenging times in history that are having a real impact on our relationships, businesses, finances, children, health and the way that we communicate and go about life in general.

If all else fails and shuts down… there will be one constant and that is property.

Cyber hackers can disrupt banking, point of sales operations and transactions in general.

Market fluctuations, leading powers and economic driving factors can wipe trillions from the worldwide stock exchange overnight impacting shares, bonds, commodities and superannuation, but you can never wipe out or eliminate property.

Yes, the market can fluctuate, but at the end of the day a property will still be left standing and if anything was to happen to property you will have your insurance cover as a back-up.

If you are confused at present in how to protect your wealth and finances the simple answer is, to have your finger in a piece of all the pies (different types of investments), so to speak. 

It is important that you spread your wealth, but make sure that you have one unshakable foundation that is property.

If you have the finances to invest, then now is the time to grow that unshakable wealth foundation.

If you are thinking about selling now because you are nervous about your finances and wealth, then hold onto your property until these uncertain times are behind us.

The news and media can have a powerful influence over our actions, thoughts and decisions that we make. 

Take a moment to reset your outlook. To stay positive and sane in tough and crazy times, turn off the television and stop reading or listening to the news and media every now and again.

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