Renovation Is The New Innovation

Renovating a home is a major step in any family’s life. It is a chance to add something new and fresh to a familiar space, adapt a home for desired changes or improve functionality to suit your changing family needs. 

A renovation is exciting as well as stressful, and since most families only renovate their homes once in a decade or two, it is crucial to get the renovation right. Here are a few tips to help you with your home renovation:

●      Budget

First things first. When you plan to renovate your home, it is important to decide on a budget and to be extremely thorough in the research for it. Many people under-estimate their budget and it later hits them, when they’re in the middle of renovation.  It is advisable to bring in two or three contractors to obtain quotes on labor and material costs and check on prices for any appliances, light fittings etc as well.

●      Timeline

Quality renovations do take a lot longer in real life than TV renovation shows tend to suggest.  It is , therefore, important that you prepare a realistic timeline for all elements and stages of the job with your contractor before the job commences   This will help to reduce any unwanted surprises.

●      Finding a place to stay

Depending upon the extent of the works, and for a stress-free renovation, consider finding an alternative place to stay for you and your family. This needs to be done before the process of renovation begins as you do not want to be trying to move and renovate at the same time.

●      Creating the illusion of a larger space

Use light colours on the walls. Similarly, keep the floor light as well. Light wooden floors also help in making a space look larger. Choose furniture wisely and avoid cluttering the home too much. Also, pushing the furniture a little away from the walls helps in the house looking more spacious. Another way to increase the perceived space is to install large, clear windows to let the sunlight in. 

●      Quality of materials

Many people make the mistake of using low-quality cheap material while renovating. This may save you money initially, but if you want a home that will remain functional for a long time, and have the renovations maintain their value, assess the materials available and make a informed decisions based on the future of your property. 

●      Lighting

It’s easy to ignore lighting during a renovation. But, it’s one of the best and easiest  ways to change the look of a home. Think about using lighting to distinguish separate spaces and consider cool and warm lighting, but don’t mix the two.

●      Don’t follow trends

It is super important to NOT follow trends that are going around at the time of renovation. Trends are generally short term, and like the rest of the world, you may well lose interest in them soon. Instead, go with what you like personally and think long-term.

●      Go Green

Today, it is not very difficult to upgrade your home to a more energy efficient and green space. Consider solar panels, a small garden, veggie patch or even space for some potted plants. 

●      Electrical System Update

Another area that is often ignored. Make sure to upgrade your electrical points and systems to the latest ones available, and if painting, make sure to either change the covers or protect them during the painting process.

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