The Importance of Staging/Styling

Most of the home buying today happens over the web. Home-hunters typically start their search online and shortlist options before they physically visit the properties. Scrolling through photographs trying to select a place to call home can be a tiring process which is why most potential homeowners may disconnect immediately after viewing a not so-show-worthy image of a home. Hence, it is very important for the homeowner to create a great first impression by making their home stand out compared to neighbourhood competition. 


Staging or styling is not only important to the selling process, but it is also important to attaining the very best price for your home. Statistics prove that a house whose owner has gone the extra mile to prepare and position it sells faster and for more, compared to the home that hasn’t been given that extra attention. Luxury homes need the added attention when house staging even more.


What is Staging/Styling?

Staging is simply preparing and showcasing a house as a home. Styling ensures that the house is prepared for the potential buyers, such that they view it to be in a livable condition. Similarly, showcasing which is another object of staging or styling, ensures that the house is show-ready and appeals to the aesthetic sense of potential homeowners before it goes on the market. After all, a house is like any other product which needs to be marketed. Think about it. Would you buy a chair that has a crack in one arm, or although in perfect condition, has garish upholstery? Not likely! The chair needs to be not only functional but also appeal to your sense of style and comfort. This is true for all property purchases as well. 


Why is Staging Important?


Emotional Purchase

Emotions drive the purchase of a home as it is linked to the potential owners’ lifestyle, comfort, family, esteem, etc. When a house is staged neutrally, keeping the needs and emotions of the potential buyers, it becomes easier to sell. The easiest way to do this is to de-personalize the home by removing style accents, furniture, and artifacts that are personal to the aesthetics of the current owner and introduce accents that are stylish, yet neutral in appeal.


Deter Low Call Offers

Styling helps to deter most potential buyers from making very low and unrealistic offers compared to the asking price. Think about it. Wouldn’t you ask for a discount on a dress that has a tiny spot or a table that had an obscure crack? By repairing and maintaining the home before putting it up for sale, one is able to take away the buyers’ ability to ask for a huge reduction in the price.


Faster Sale

Given that selling a home can often be a gruelling, tiring, emotional and a physically draining process, any additional effort that can considerably shorten this process, can be very crucial to the seller. This is where staging plays an important role. Most styling studies prove that a staged home sells for more money and in less time. 


From all the facts mentioned above, you can see that although staging is voluntary, it shouldn’t be. It is critical and crucial to selling a house faster and at the right price. If you decide to home style when you sell your home, Maria Selleck Properties would be happy to put their experience at your service, but please do stage your home before putting it out in the market, especially if yours is a luxury home in Canberra.

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