Everything came to a halt almost overnight, including the property and stock market. 

Property sale listings declined, the stock market took a dive and buyers stayed indoors.  However, times are once again changing, as our doors are opening back to family and friend gatherings, business activities and schools, as well as, ‘open house’ property inspections getting the green light to go ahead, albeit with some residual restrictions

With global changes, comes global uncertainty; and if you listen to the media, there are experts, bankers and economists, who are predicting ongoing stock market crashes, recessions, depressions and property price declines.  There are also opposing experts who are saying, that now is the time to prosper, if you have the equity or cashflow to do so. 

If you are an investor who has been considering listing a property for sale or buying another property, now just may be the time to get ahead of the market.

While many may see uncertainly, there are many who are seeing opportunity. 

There is no crystal ball that can predict the future.  However, we can make educated and informed choices.

Yesterday is history… and
tomorrow really is a mystery

If you are looking to buy or sell, take a moment to think about the process.  Once you decide to buy or list a property for sale, it can take on average 3 months to research, appraise, list, market, advertise and go through the settlement process. 

Do you want to be competing with the conservative market… or do you want to be one step ahead?  The buyers are out looking, but is your property there to buy?

As Sir Winston Churchill once said “The pessimist sees the difficulty in
every opportunity but an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”

Successful property investors take the time to research the market, look at the big picture and look beyond the influences of the media.  

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