We All Like A Little Privacy

Whilst we are all created differently, it seems most of us enjoy a little privacy.

That’s the view of Maria Selleck, Director at Maria selleck Properties

Maria has over 18 years’ experience in helping buyers and sellers fulfil their real estate dreams.

“A private leafy, peaceful rear garden can add the wow factor to a property. This makes it very popular with families and individuals and adds to its saleability,” explained Maria

“It’s the same reason why quiet streets are so popular with purchasers. They are safer for children and don’t attract large amounts of traffic,” said maria

Not everyone has total privacy in their garden but privacy can be enhanced by planting the correct types of trees and plants. Look for thick foliage that will provide the desired effect.

Lattice work installed on top of existing fences can offer more privacy from neighbours and their windows. Vines and runners over lattice is another great privacy idea.

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