What you need to know before getting into real estate

With the property market booming in Canberra, a lot of people are thinking about exploring a career in real estate.

If you want to be a real estate agent, you must be prepared for hard work. Real estate is a rewarding career choice; it can allow for flexible working arrangements and exposes you to lots of different people.

Here are some tips that will prepare you for a great start in your career and give you a better insight at what to expect from this dynamic profession.

Find a mentor who reflects your values, ethics and professionalism. Work with them, learn, gain knowledge and firsthand experience. Our company believes in the importance of mentoring and working one on one with new agents because we want our agents to be the best they can.

Once you have passed your pre-licensing exams and found an agent who is ready to sponsor you, it’s time to get your license. Before you submit your application, make sure you have all the documents needed. A background check may also be required.

Once you start working, be ready for different, exciting and new experiences. You may do any of a multitude of tasks; market analysis, open house inspections, organising maintenance work, collecting rent from tenants, negotiating sales, property listings, advertisements etc. The nuances of the real estate industry cannot be fully realised until you are exposed to it and eventually you will find your niche.

Build the skill set you need. As a real estate agent, you’ll likely be a ‘middleman’ between buyers and sellers, so you need to have excellent communication and negotiation skills. Learn to build a rapport with your clients and colleagues. Attention to detail, dedication, and passion, are some other qualities that will set you apart and earn you some brownie points.

Prepare to get out of your comfort zone. A job in real estate is not for those who wish to take it easy. Neither is it a part-time job, nor a 9-5 job. Working in real estate means being ready to show up at any time of the day, any day of the week. Your work hours will depend upon your clients’ availability and schedule.

Lastly, have a plan and be consistent. Remember, when it comes to a career in real estate, success doesn’t come to those who wait!

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