Work-Life Balance

It’s a busy world we live in. Our deadlines at work were for yesterday, and our devices keep us connected 24/7.  There have never been more demands on our time, nor have we ever been so short on it. Finding the right balance between our conflicting work and personal demands is like trying to sell your house, challenging, but oh so rewarding.

When it comes to selling, we always say make sure to get the small things right; complete any minor repairs, open the blinds during inspections to allow the light in, turn on the heating if you’re selling during winter…small things can make a large difference.  The same principle can apply to your work-life balance too; try turning off your technical distractions and giving yourself to the moment, schedule your day and know what you want to achieve during it. Small changes like these are easily applied and can make a world of difference in our lives.  Small changes can allow us to work efficiently, ensure we get the most out of our day and finish the week feeling satisfied.

Canberra is an attractive city to own real estate in, for all the same reasons it is a wonderful city to balance your life in. The local attractions always offer places to visit…head to the museum for a peaceful morning or take the family to Questacon for some weekend fun, we also have festivals like Enlighten and Floriade.  Such interesting locations and events encourage us to schedule some relaxation and time with our family. The city has the beautiful foreshores of lakes Burley Griffin and Ginninderra, the perfect spots to go biking, walking or enjoy other healthy pastimes, making it a beautiful place to spend time in and a desirable place to own property.

All in all, Canberra is a pretty good place to work and live!

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