Fisher was named after Andrew Fisher, coal miner, founding member of the federal parliamentary Labor Party and Prime Minister of Australia for three terms between 1908 and 1915. Fisher was elected to Queensland Legislative Assembly in 1893, and to the first Federal Parliament, 1901.

Fisher’s 1910-13 Labor ministry completed a vast legislative programme, which made him, along with Protectionist Alfred Deakin, the founder of the statutory structure of the new nation. According to D. J. Murphy, “his contemporaries saw him as honest and trustworthy, but surpassed by Billy Hughes in wit, oratory and brilliance. Fisher’s record however reveals a legacy of reforms and national development which lasted beyond the divisions that Hughes left in the Labor Party and in Australia”.  During his time in government, he introduced a vast amount of legislation, including the acquisition of the Northern Territory from South Australia, and compulsory military training.Fisher is second to Bob Hawke as Australia’s longest serving Labor Prime Minister.

The streets in Fisher themselves are named after Australian mines and mining towns.

The suburb of Fisher is one of eight comprising the Western Creek district, each with their own shops and private ovals.  The suburb is bordered by Chapman, Stirling and Warramanga, and  wide expanses of open land.  It is approximately a thirteen minute drive to Woden town centre or to the popular Kambah Pool Reserve on the Murrumbidgee River.

Fisher is a sought after family neighbourhood sitting within a community oriented district. A Community Council for Weston Creek organises special events and there is a high emphasis on sport, with local teams for Rugby Union, Australian Rules football, baseball, soccer, lawn bowls, netball and cricket.  Nearby, in Waramanga, is the Western Creek district high School, Stromlo High.

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