The suburb of Jerrabomberra, in Queanbeyan NSW, had its name derived from the local Aboriginal place name meaning ‘boy frightened by storm’.

While originally settled by Europeans in the 1920s along with Canberra and greater Queanbeyan, it wasn’t until 1987, when Jerrabomberra Estate Ltd began developing the original land for housing, that the suburb began to emerge as the one that we know today.

Jerrabomberra now boasts many community amenities, such as four tennis courts, a post office, primary school, bed and breakfast, gym, a Scout group, a lake and various other facilities. There is also a shopping centre with a super market and many specially stores. Many people in Jerrabomberra work in nearby Queanbeyan CBD, but most work in the national capital, Canberra.

Jerrabomberra consists of three parts, The Park, The Heights, and Lakeview. The Park and the Heights are divided by Edwin Land Parkway. The majority of The Heights is situated on the base of Jerrabomberra Mountain. This mountain divides most of Jerrabomberra from Queanbeyan. The Park is situated on the plain to the south. This urban area runs down to Jerrabomberra Lake, an artificial lake that drains into Jerrabomberra Creek and is dominated by Cove Island, an artificial island which consists of eight homes and a central common facility entailing a tennis court, swimming pool and sauna, then sprawls across Cassina Rise on the South.

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