Forde is a northern suburb of the Canberra  district of Gungahlin.  It is named in honour of Frank Forde, a politician who was Prime Minister of Australia for a week in 1945 following the death of John Curtin.

Mulligan’s Flat Nature Reserve, which adjoins Forde,  compasses natural habitat, rich Indigenous history and reflects a colourful European heritage. The reserves is also one of the best bird-watching sites in the ACT, and home to the rare Regent Honey-eaters and Forde’s own Superb Fairy Wren. The nature reserves at Mulligans Flat and nearby Goorooyarroo, include four native bird species and populations of rare shingleback lizard, echidna, frog and reptile species.  In 2005, the ACT Government passed the Domestic Animals (Cat Containment) Amendment Act into law which requires residents in Forde and nearby Bonner to keep any cats indoors or in an outdoor enclosure 24 hours per day.

Forde is adjacent to the suburbs of Amaroo, Throsby and Bonner.  It is bounded by Horse Park Drive and Gundaroo Road. On its completion in 2013, Forde will occupy 131ha and is expected to accommodate approximately 2500 people.   The suburb abuts the Mulligans Flat Reserve.

Forde will be a community dedicated to green open spaces, with every home within 200 metres of a landscaped park, wetland or nature reserve. Twenty-nine percent of the site will be green open space comprising 11 main parks and 39 hectares of wetlands and nature reserves with trails designed for eco-activity. The suburb is surrounded on three sides by the Mulligans Flat Reserve with access to the area’s equestrian heritage trail.

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